Friday, March 4, 2011

yesterday's oekaki

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing lovely this morning (or whatever time of day it is for you lol)
Here's my daily post! I tried my hand at oekaki yesterday, since I haven't done it in a while
I probably would have colored the skin differently
 now that I look at it, the whole thing looks rather pale xD
I hope you guys like it!

Comments are appreciated! Critiques are also welcome!
I replied to some specific ones in yesterday's post if you want to check back there.

Gosh, this blog is so great for me because it really encourages me to draw everyday!

ALSO! I got this awesome light-box script from
Click on the url above to go to his post about the script!


  1. awesome, how can i talk you into drawing me a mascot for my blog? :3

  2. The coloring is really nice on this one, but it's a bit hard to see the posture of her body.
    Fantastic work once again :)

  3. @mac: If you stick around I might consider it when I feel like doing requests in the future xD
    @FreeK: ya i know what you mean, parts of the pose bother me. And the foreshortening of the torso is kinda off. Thanks!

  4. Your an inspiration to me for the use of colors ;)

  5. Cute picture. Big fan of straight bangs. Golden eyes, that's an interesting take.

  6. Nice drawing! I too draw, but only buildings and modules for architecture

  7. I really like your coloring work and admire the effort taken at presenting the posture so subtly, but it is not clear whether she's sitting just trying to stand up. Sice I'm pretty sure it's actually sitting, you might want to adjust the light/color on her belly to better show that.

    Also, her eyes are so empty she looks a bit like a zombie - adding pupil into the iris would fix that. All in all, great work.

  8. Very real posture for a younger girl

  9. Sexy. I love those eyes. Dat colour!

  10. I simply LOVE your art work. Always love Japanese manga. Following for sure .

  11. looking good man. keep up the good work!